Excellent news for Homeowners in New York and New Jersey

  1. If you are a homeowner

  2. If your credit is 650 or above

  3. If your roof is free from shades

Then look no further:

  • You will get the following at zero out of the pocket expense.

  • Solar Panel installation

  • 25 years of repair and maintenance, monitoring, performance guarantee.

  • $ 1 million dollar roof insurance.

  • 10 years workmanship

  • Your electricity bill reduced up to 20% to 40% off.

  • All of the above at zero cost out of pocket to you.


New York rebate up to $5000 for taxpayers plus 26% federal tax incentives.

(Conditions apply)

New Jersey state SREC's credits plus 26% federal tax incentives.

(Conditions apply)